Winter wedding dream come true!

I drove through a major snow storm to get to this wedding. White knuckled, I was oh so relieved to have arrived safe and on time. This was the day they closed Deerfoot. It was a stunning wedding, with red and country accents. The bride wore red, she looked amazing. Not a dry eye in the house after they said I Do with 9 years of history together. Congratulations!


Photos by Chloe Buie Photography

Dr. Y Marries Dr. G

                                                              Dr. Y Marries Dr. G


Dr. Y and Dr. G carefully planned their long awaited nuptials. The orchestration of this event wouldn't be too easy as she was living in Los Angeles and he hailed from Boston.  Dr. G said he interviewed at least 12 marriage commissioners before settling on hiring me.  Of course I was thrilled to help this couple realize their wedding dreams.  I was able to recommend venders in the area for everything from chair rental to cake making.  Together we wrote the perfect ceremony that defined them as the couple they have become.

The long anticipated day was greeted with heavy rain. This obviously was not the weather we were hoping for as the out door ceremony was scheduled for Quarry Park in Canmore.   After some quick shuffling we relocated the ceremony to Cornerstone Theatre.  It turned out to be an amazing ceremony venue; the long aisle leading to the stage elevated the wedding party.  We had a beautiful hand tying ceremony while the dry bodied, but not dry-eyed, two hundred guests looked on.  After an almost ten year wait, their family and friends delighted in this special day. 

I pronounced them husband and wife and let Dr. Y kiss her groom! 


April 14, 2012

Feather clouds, shimmering sand,

we stand and kiss our moment to reality.

 Culminating the complexities of us

to this one especially shinning day.

Valentino tux, golden dress, Cymbidium orchids, 

 hand made rings.

The sun, wind and sand. Feeling so profound.        

So the years weave their knitted quilt of life.

We expand and contract, our changing tides.

Always knowing 

This is Us!


Toffino Kiss