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Being an authorized Marriage Commissioner for Alberta has exceeded my expectations in every way.  I was appointed as the Marriage Commissioner for Bragg Creek and area in early 2014.  Since then I have enjoyed an exceptionally busy practice of marrying in love couples.  There have been many adventures along the way as I officiate for couples creating uniquely individual ceremonies.
I like to instill a sense of calmness and control. I ask you to trust me to be your wedding tour guide.  I know full well and passionately what it takes to create an amazing, heartfelt and memorable wedding ceremony.
Let my creativity and emotional care for you along with all the experience I have acquired be the foundation of our evolving relationship.  Trust my ability to craft your wedding journey. Allow this trust and process to help you relax and savor your special day. This is an extraordinary time in your life and I will treat you with the sensitivity and respect you two deserve.
First and foremost, I care about each person as an individual while working towards the goal of realizing your changing status to that of a loving married couple. I want to get to know you so I can fashion the wedding tale of your dreams. Let my skills as a performance artist, public speaker and poet evoke in words and emotion that which you are becoming as a married pair.  
Perhaps you are planning a glorious, large formal wedding, or a small intimate soiree. Whatever your desire, have confidence in my familiarity of wedding dreams as your officiant.  I am not a wedding planner, but I do have many wonderfully creative ideas that I want to discuss with you. Maybe you would like a Hand Tying ceremony or invoking the Four Cardinal Directions.  Or perhaps you just want to have a simple ceremony down at the river.  Whatever your hearts' desire, I can fulfill your wedding ceremony dreams. I always write an individual, customized ceremony based on my knowledge of you as a couple and along with your input. Only a few legal lines are required by the Alberta Government, the rest is up to your imagination.
I am sincerely convinced that I can deliver the wedding of your dreams.
Kindest Regards,

Julie Ann